Frequently asked questions

Do I need to prep my skin before use?

We recommend no moisturisers, oils, or any products on the skin before applying HOLD. products.

What type of glue is used?

HOLD. Tape uses a pressure-sensitive, medical-grade acrylic adhesive.

Is HOLD. Tape skin safe?

HOLD. is hypoallergenic. There is no latex or zinc oxide. We recommend that anyone who has a history of skin irritation with tape to try a test patch. To do this, apply a small piece of tape to an area of the skin near where you wish to apply the tape. Do not use on frail, damaged, or sunburnt skin. Anyone with known sensitivity to medical adhesives should discuss with their physician before use.

When will my order arrive?

Australia - 3 to 5 business days Rest of the world 5 to 14 business days.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes! For wholesale enquiries, please email our wholesale team at

Boob Tape

What is Hold Boob Tape?

Hold boob tape is a breast lift tape designed to be a replacement for wearing bras. The thick, wide strips provide an instant lift, support, and shape to boobs.

How does it work?

Hold boob tape provides hold to the breasts and elasticity for easy positioning. Our unique all way stretch tape allows for the breasts to get more coverage as the tape even outs the tightness, ensuring the shape and consistency of the breast.

How is HOLD. nude boob tape different from other tapes?

Most boob tapes are thin in strips and are made of cotton and spandex blend of fabrics.

This causes 3 major problems.

1. With a thinner strip, you’re more likely to experience tape deformity

as you need more tape strips to lift the breast.

2. The uneven shape of the breast, which is because of the inconsistency of the tightness in each strip – as one strip of the boob tape might have been done with a tighter strap and the other with a weaker strap causing the uneven shape of the breast and deformity.

3. Only stretch one way - cotton and spandex reduce the amount of coverage and tight area of the breast increasing the likelihood of poor shape.

HOLD. boob tape is made of a unique fabric blend allowing for an all way stretch of the tape, which provides even tightness and coverage around the breast to ensure correct shape and lift. The tape is a wider roll compared to other boob tapes, which means fewer strips are required to lift the breast and provide multiple benefits.

1. More extended use of the tape as you’re using fewer strips.

2. The better shape of the boob as you’re using fewer strips.

What do I need to do before using HOLD. boob tape?

For best skin protection, we recommend using Pre-boob tape on both ends of the nude boob tape, which is the most likely to cause skin irritation. Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Free of any moisturiser or product before use.

How long will a roll last?

Bigger busts will get on average 10 uses. Smaller busts can get up to 20 uses.

How long is the tape?

5 meters or 16.4 ft.

Would this work for a small chest like a/b?

Yes, you can cut the tape any size you want. A to B cups work fine for the low v-neck outfits.

How waterproof is this?

HOLD. Boob tape is sweat resistant but also waterproof. You can even go swimming with it, and it won't come off you.

How do you remove the tape from your skin?

A few options are depending on how sensitive your skin is.

- Removal in showing

- Using coconut oil to reduce the adhesive strength.

Click this link to see our videos on how to remove the tape.

Will this stick if I don't wrap it all around my back?

It will easily stick just behind the shoulder is perfect or just around the sides.

Are nipple covers essential with boob tape?

We recommend using nipple covers before using nude boob tape as an extra precaution to sensitive nipples.

Pre- Boob Tape

What is Pre-Boob Tape?

Pre-boob tape acts as a barrier to protect the skin from irritation. Given the strong HOLD. of nude boob tape, Pre-Boob Tape acts as a second skin where the boob tape pulls on instead of pulling on your skin.

Is Pre-boob tape essential?

We recommend using Pre-boob tape before using nude boob tape as an extra precaution to sensitive skin & blisters. Satin Nipple Covers.

Do these show through white tops?

They provided adequate coverage, and the material was very realistic, so it was seamless against my skin and slinky dress. Great bra for the occasion. Protective nipple covers vs. silicone nipple covers Protective covers are for one-time use and very thin. Silicone nipple covers provide 7+ wears.

Will they fit over a nipple ring?

Yes. There is a soft piece in the middle. (photo) Can't see the piercing!

Do they show through tight clothing?

They don’t show through tight clothing, and our covers are skin tone colour matched.

How many times would you say a pair lasts?

12 hrs Body & Clothing Tape (Double-Sided Tape).

Is the paper backing from this tape easy to remove from the tape?

Easy to apply and easy to remove.

Does this hold fabric to fabric?

Depending on the fabric type, we always recommend testing prior to use.

Does it leave a residue when you take it off?

Comes off clean.

Is it waterproof? / How do the strips do with sweat?

The tape is waterproof and works really well on bikinis. Test prior to use depending on fabrics. For best results, the area should be free from any oil or lotions. You may also enjoy Fearless Sensitive Skin. We recommend that this tape be removed before washing, dry cleaning, or ironing.

Will this work to keep shorts from riding up?

Place one side of the tape to your shorts and press the other side of the tape to your leg, and it will keep your shorts from riding up all day long. Test prior to use. Strength and stick will depend on fabric type.

Can this be used to keep bra straps from slipping off the shoulder?

This is one of the most popular ways that people use it.

Does this tape work on polyester (cotton, velvet, silk, etc.) fabric?

Yes, due to the difference in weight, we still recommend testing prior to extended use.

Is this tape easy to remove?

Very easy to remove. Test it on a small place first.

Will this work with heavy materials?

That's a hard question to answer because it might not be strong enough if it is weight-bearing. It does have an excellent adhesive, but the tape is super thin, so your best bet is to try it. You can always use it for many other situations if it does not work for the heavy material. Keep your clothes secure and in place with this clothing tape that sticks well to your skin and any kind of fabric. Keeps bra straps and shoulder pads in place. Silicone Nipple Covers.

Roughly how many wears before the adhesive wore off?

10+ wears. Make sure to follow the care instructions of washing with mild soap and water after each use. After the adhesive wears off, you can use the product similar to how the non-adhesive Nipples would be used (beneath a thin bra, etc...)

Would you recommend these for large breasts?

They have great coverage on large breast sizes, super comfortable, and stay in place with no irritation (from adhesives on cheaper types).

Would you recommend these for large breasts?

They have great coverage on large breast sizes, super comfortable, and stay in place with no irritation (from adhesives on cheaper types).

Does this itch when you're wearing them?

Sticks to the skin with no irritation! Reusable time and time again!.

How thick are these?

They are very thin, seamless under clothing.

Do these stick when you sweat?

Hold silicone covers will stick well if you put them on in the AM with no lotion (or any kind of oil or skin treatment) before you get sweaty. If you want a good back up, our FABRIC nipple covers, Our silicone covers will definitely stay on through sweating, swimming, and showering, and they are the ONLY pasties that are breathable.