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Silicone Nipple Covers

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Perfect for tops and dresses. Discrete, disposable, suitable with or without a bra, providing a smooth rounded shape with no visibility of nipples.
Silicone Nipple Covers
1 x Silicone Nipple Covers
Comfortable Pack
2x Silicone Covers
2x Protective Nipple Covers
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  • Hide the shape of nipples to keep the smooth breasts line under clothing.
  • Designed for comfort and perfect shape. Disposable and easy to remove.
  • Hypoallergenic and peels clean to leaving skin fresh.
  • Sweat proof
  • Reusable
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What's in the adhesive?


There is no latex or zinc oxide.  The adhesive is sweat proof & waterproof medical grade hypoallergenic and the covers are also waterproof.  We recommend that anyone who has a history of skin irritation with covers to try a test. 


How do the covers feel on your skin?

Designed for all breast sizes the covers are thicker through the middle to hide the nipple and thin through the edges for a truly seamless look.


The silicone used molds are shapes to your body providing full coverage and comfortability that lasts all day with no itchiness.  It can feel like you’re wearing nothing.


How many wears can I get before the adhesive wears off?


7+ times, the adhesives can last longer by resticking on the mould provided.  Feel free to wash with mild soap and water after each use.  When adhesives wear covers can be used as non adhesive nipple covers used beneath bras for extra comfort    


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$53.77 $48.40 (SAVE 10%)